Membership Benefits

IRDA has a history of pulling together when the rental-purchase industry has come under attack from various sources within the state. A primary example was the anti-RTO legislative initiatives introduced in 1994. With the help of the IRDA’s lobbyist and political consultant, the association’s dealers and vendors presented a pro-consumer choice legislative option to the State Legislature. The outcome was solid legislation that protected consumer rights while also protecting your rights and those of all IRDA members who operate in Illinois. This is just one example of how IRDA works for its members.

Other benefits include:

  • IRDA’s lobbyist in Springfield monitors all state legislation impacting the rent-to-own industry. This allows you to quickly provide input to our legislators on key issues affecting your business.
  • IRDA works closely with the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations (APRO) to provide you with the latest information from the national legislative front regarding our industry.
  • IRDA provides a forum for networking with our Vendor Partners to keep abreast of the latest product offerings.

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