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      Date: May 18, 2016
     Title: Illinois State Rep Terri Bryant visits Rent One

Illinois State Rep Terri Bryant visits Rent One

May 18, 2016

Taking the Pulse

Rent One’s Employee Development, David Keen; IL State Rep. Terri Bryant; Rent One's Owner, Larry Carrico; Rent One’s Regional Director, Kelly Martin; Rent One’s Store Manager, Rhonda Ray and Regional Manager, Terry McLean

The Illinois Rental Dealer's Association 2016 In-Store Legislative outreach is off to a great start! Illinois State Representative Terri Bryant visited Rent One’s Mt. Vernon store on Monday, May 16th. Rent One's Co-Owner, Larry Carrico and Employee Development, David Keen gave her a tour of Rent One's store and recently remodeled Service Center.

"Representative Bryant was excited to get a firsthand look at all that went on in the service center. She was amazed and unaware at the volume of repair service that flows in and out, shipping and receiving a full range of product from Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas,” shared David Keen.

Coincidentally, Representative Bryant had initiated a campaign to visit local businesses within her district when Larry approached her with an invitation. “Larry has been very aggressive as far as being hands-on. He first met Representative Bryant in her first term, in Springfield, IL, and has since always wanted to have her visit Rent One,” said Keen. “Larry has developed great personal relationships with representatives in southern Illinois and it’s great to have them in-store to see what we do firsthand.”