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      Date: Mar 29, 2016
     Title: Congressman Mike Bost Works Rent One's Service Center in Mt. Vernon, IL

Congressman Mike Bost Works Rent One's Service Center in Mt. Vernon, IL

Mar 30, 2016

Taking the Pulse

Congressman Mike Bost and Rent One's Service Center team in Mt. Vernon, IL.

Congressman Mike Bost visited Rent One's store and Service Center in Mt. Vernon, IL in part of APRO's In-Store Legislative Conference this week. Larry Carrico, Rent One Owner, and David Keen, Rent One Employment Development Specialist, established a relationship with Congressman Bost and with the power of suggestion set a date for an in-store visit. They found that before beginning his political career, Bost ran the family business of trucking where he managed a fleet of 30 trucks and he currently owns Bost Trucking.

Prior to the visit, Larry met with Congressman Bost in which he expressed excitment and anticipation for the visit. "He knew all about the visit and mentioned he was looking forward to it even within his big district and he was engaged. He’s a business guy and understands the challenges," said Larry.

Larry Carrico went as far as having a Rent One customized shirt with the Congressman's name on it to welcome him on his viist. He helped the Service Center load repaired products to send back to Rent One's 70+ stores.

Congressman Mike Bost is the representative to Illinois District 12 and within that district are 33 Rent-to-Own Stores that employ 198 employees. "Congressman Bost was amazed at how many Rent-to-Own stores are within his district and the economic impact we have on it," said David Keen.