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      Date: Feb 29, 2016
     Title: Rent One honors peak performers at annual 2016 Ignite Awards Banquet

Rent One honors peak performers at annual 2016 Ignite Awards Banquet

Feb 29, 2016

Taking the Pulse

Rent One, RNR and Imagery came together for their 2016 Ignite two day meeting of sales, leadership and product breakout trainings at the Ameristar Resort in St. Charles, Missouri. Attendees included vendors, employees and managers. "Since we are spread out over nine states, people don't get see each other until our annual meeting, once a year. It's a good time to unite," said Rent One Development Manager, David Keen.

The meeting closed with their highly anticipated awards banquet honoring top performers. "It's always humbling to hear our award winners speak about their path to success. Seldom did we here 'I'. It was about coworkers, family and how leadership provided opportunities for them to succeed. It is always encouraging to hear stories," said Rent One CEO, Larry Carrico.

Ignite Awards Banquet Photo Gallery

The Rent One Store of the Year was awarded to Team 43 of Osceola, AR. Store Manager, Torrence Stewart, accepted the award on behalf of the store. Team 43 inlcudes Store Manager, Torrence Stewart; Assistant Manager, Tiffany Hooks; Certified Client Retention Specialist, Ashley Douglas; Certified Client Retention Specialist, Carlos Nolan; Certified DT, Broderick Harris and Delivery Technician, Reggie Gray.

Store Manager of the Year was awarded to Joe Tubb of Store 56 in Sikeston, MO. "Joe has the drive to succeed like no other manager I have worked with in my career. He is hardworking, passionate, energetic and straightforward. He is also an amazing trainer for Rent One and has been vital in building the success of Region 3 as well as store 56!" Regional Manager, Karen Martin said. "He is generally my first and last call of the day, with many in between. Above all, Joe is very appreciated in Region 3 and Rent One. What an amazing year Joe, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do!"

Regional Manager of the Year was awarded to Karen Martin of Region 3 Missouri. She has been a part of Rent One for two years and took her region from the bottom of the company to the top of the ranks in 2015. Her passion for Rent One is said to only be rivaled by her passion for shoes.

Rookie Store Manager of the Year was awarded to Joey Hall of Store 32 in Huntingdon, TN. Joey began his career at Rent One as a CRR in July of 2009 at store 31. He transitioned to a Client Retention Specialist and then was promotoed to a Store Manager. "He is one of the most honest/hard working Team members I have. He is dedicated to getting the job done no matter what it takes and believes in developing his team with all knowledge possible. Joey is a true leader of his people! His clients love him and he is a great friend!" shared, Regional Manager, Ashley Arrington.

Store Employee of the Year was awarded to Nora Daughtery of Salem, IL. Nora began her career at Rent One as a Client Retention Specialist in June of 2008. She then transitioned to Store Manager in Flora, IL and later took over at the Salem store in July 2014. "Nora is more than just an employee to me – she is a mentor and an example of a what not only I but every individual should strive to be. Selfless, dedicated, passionate and humble, Nora continually strives to put others first. Whether it’s an employee, a client or a member of the community she will go above and beyond to help them in any way possible," Kelly Carrico said. "Her integrity is the key to her numerous acts of kindness – she never does anything because she expects something in return, she only does it because she feels it’s right in her heart. I couldn’t be more proud to have her on the Rent One team!"

Corporate Employee of the Year was awarded to two-time award winner, Human Resource Manager, Kris Lowe. She has been with Rent One for over 20 years and her experience ranges from store to corporate level. She manged the Salem and Centralia stores and transitioned into human resources in 2003. "Kris is a close as you can get to an “institution” at Rent One," said Keith Carrico. "She is indispensable in so many ways, not the least of which all she does to make the Annual Meeting the awesome event it has become today."

Presidential Award of Excellence was awarded to Store Manager, Brandi Robison of store 62 in Mayfield, KY. She began her career in 2011 and was promoted to Store Manager of the Metropolis, IL store in just six months. She blazed a trail of success there and has continued to lead since.

Vendor of the Year was awarded to AMP Tablet Solutions, Patrick Henley. "The Amp’s site says they create software that connects and manages all products in the supply chain to provide full-service solutions from commodity to the consumer. I was introduced to Patrick and Amp in May of 2014 and since then, our two companies along with all of our partners represented here tonight have worked to develop a platform that connects our Store Employees with our Vendor Partners to efficiently supply our clients with the products they need and want! We met our goal for 2015 to have all partners here tonight, operating on the AMP Tablet platform," shared Mark Williams.

RNR Store Manager of the Year was awarded to Nick Ollenberger of the St. Louis Blvd. store. "He is by far the shining example of customer service and satisfaction. Nick is an aggressive Manager, always seeking ways to increase his store’s sales. After work, Nick is actively involved in the youth development at his church," said President of RNR, Richard Bergmann.

Imagery award was presented to Faith Schroeder. She is said to a consummate professional and a pillar of the Imagery Marketing Group. She is ever positive and stands above the crowd in her creative style and apporach as a designer.

Congratulations to the Rent One Winners!