Watershed Development Corporation Recognizes Top Performers at its 10th Annual Awards Banquet

Feb 22, 2016

2015 Watershed Development Corporation Award Recipients

10 Year Service Awards - Casey Pristou, Mike Ceruzzi, Scott Wallingford, Andy Simo, Don Stutzke, Jamie Cantwell

5 Year Service Awards – Susie Avila-Romero, Melissa Meinders, Jerry Marquez, Simon Moore

Top Revenue Store – McHenry

Top Profit Store – McHenry

Product Technician Team of the Year – Felipe Castro, Brian Bess (McHenry)

Newcomer of the Year – April Politick

President’s Low Write-Off – Freeport

President’s Perfect Phone Shop – Freeport, Sterling

President’s AIC Growth – Belvidere

President’s Top GAP Producer – Danny Schock

Customer Accounts Department of the Year – Alex Cole, Matt Schaney (Freeport)

Sales Department of the Year – Jamie Cantwell, Melissa Meinders (Freeport)

Above & Beyond – Courtney Mantel, Matt Schaney, Nate Stone, Jessica Lodge, Felipe Castro

Store of the Year – Freeport

Lifetime Achievement – Don Stutzke